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Since 2012, Entek Instruments has been a market innovator in the production and distribution of testing equipment for building materials.A team of engineers is constantly pursuing innovation and striving to develop equipment using new techniques. Entek sells its products under the "ENTEK" brand both directly and via authorized dealers and representatives. Additionally, we offer mechanical and civil lab testing equipment that complies with international standards like (BS En, ASTM, AASHTO, DIN, NF, IP, and BIS).In addition to our extensive selection of equipment, we also offer field soil testing, lab tests for soil, geotechnical testing, fresh concrete testing or strength testing, NDT for concrete, cement testing, asphalt testing, testing aggregate qualities, steel testing, and general laboratory equipment. The Company adheres to the Standard Quality Management System in order to maintain its ISO 9001:2015 certificate of registration. Our primary customers are large construction firms that work on projects like developing roads and highways, high-rise buildings and commercial spaces, rail infrastructure and bridges, dams and hydroelectric projects, civil engineering schools, the mining industry, and irrigation systems.

Entek Instruments is constantly focused on providing its customers with ongoing sales and service support since doing so has always been an investment in establishing a name for itself in both home and foreign markets. Our quality management system meticulously handles each product to ensure that it complies with all applicable standards. Before final packing and shipping from our warehouse to the chosen consignees, testing and calibration are done at each step. Since its inception, our product range has altered due to its diversification.

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