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We have great pleasure in promoting Max Air Hvacs Industries as one of India's major producers of Industrial Fans, Blowers, HVAC Systems, and Accessories. It offers an extensive range of industrial fans and blowers, air management systems such as AHU-Air Washer, evaporative cooling units, DRY& WETAIR SCRUBBERS, fan coil units, Air Curtains, Diffusers, Grills, Ducts, centrifugal blowers for exhaust, used in HVAC industries, and much more under the brand name "MAXAIR."
We are an ISO9001:2008 recognized company with SSI, NSIC, D & B-SMERA PERFORMANCE & CREDIT RATING OF SE-3B. To learn more about us, please visit We have well-equipped production facilities in Delhi and Gurgaon, which enable us to provide an innovative line of Industrial Fans and Systems with maximum functioning.
Today, the committed support of our expert workforce and their vast experience enable us to produce a faultless selection of Industrial Fans and air management systems. Furthermore, our manufacturing capabilities are in line with international standards, allowing us to carve a position for ourselves in the Indian market.
Our Ventilation Systems and Industrial Fans are long-lasting and provide exceptional performance in establishing a healthy working environment for industrial and commercial facilities. Max Air Hvacs Industries has been providing unique and customized solutions to industries since its inception.

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