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  • clean-grey-water-treatment-plant-capacity-1000lph
  • clean-grey-water-treatment-plant-capacity-1000lph

Clean Grey Water Treatment Plant Capacity 1000LPH

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  • Specifications
Water Source Type

Grey Water Treatment

Water Source

Commercial Waste Water

Treatment Technique






Treatment Technique

Fluidized Aerated Reactor

  • It is easy to install
  • It has user-friendly console operation system with easy controls
  • It produces excellent effluent quality
  • The maintenance requirement is low
  • Consistent performance
  • Low consumption of resources
Product Description

Clean Grey Water Treatment Plant Clean Grey Water Treatment Plant Capacity 1000LPH, grey water may be contaminated with a wide range of insoluble and soluble substances such as detergent, dirt, lint, human hair, saliva, skin and other impurities. Whether it is an organic contaminant or inorganic, particulate or microbial, and surfactant or detergent; appropriate grey water recycling systems can help get the desired water quality.

It is to be noted that treating grey water becomes quite difficult when it gets mixed with the black water (wastewater from toilets), then it becomes greatly difficult to clean because the contamination levels go pretty high. We are the finest grey water treatment plant suppliers in town who simply aim to improve the quality of drinking water in your space.

Cleantech grey water filtration system should be installed in every household and commercial establishment so that there is a less burden on the public sewerage systems. It enhances the efficiency of municipal systems and ensures improved public health.

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