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  • cylinderless-fire-suppression-system-tube

Cylinder less Fire Suppression System Tube

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  • Self contained,Reliable,24 x7 Automatic Fire Detection & Protection for equipment against Fires.
  • Fast-Detection & Suppression of fire in seconds, mitigating losses due to equipment damage and downtime
  • Multiple Detection points-AutoFireX Proprietary Fire Detection Tube (FDT)acts as a Linear Pneumatic Heat detector can detect fire throughout its installed length
  • No External Power required to activate the system. No False Alarm or Discharges AutoFireX systems only activate in the event of an actual fire/heat impingement.
  • Post Discharge - Systems utilizing Clean suppression agents require no post-discharge clean up.
  • Easy to install in any new or existing Equipments (Electrical Panels, server rack etc.) and requires no power to operate.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Low Pressure systems utilizing UL certified Clean Agents is not harmful to equipment or the environment.
  • Interface Options -AutoFirex System comes with various options to initiate activities like Annunciation, shut on or shut of Power supply, ventilation, interface and monitoring through BMS, SCADA etc.
Product Description

This Linear Pneumatic Heat Detection tube when installed in a small enclosure, filled with fire suppressing agent, and pressurized with Nitrogen, will detect heat/fire in the range of 85°C to 135°C. On impingement with this heat/fire, the tube ruptures at the hottest point, forming a dispensing Nozzle, from which the pressurized agent is discharged instantly directly on the source of the heat/fire extinguishing it instantly and flooding the area with the agent, thereby mitigating any spread or reignition of fire.

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