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  • ecoconverter-capacity-750kg-above

Ecoconverter Capacity 750kg & above

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  • Specifications
Overall Size (L x B x H in mm)

1100 x 800 x 1200

Crusher Motor (1440rpm/440V/50Hz)

10 hp


750 kg & above

Dewatering unit Motor(1440rpm/440V/50Hz)




Body & Sink


Dewatering Unit

SS filter with SS Blade


Suitable Starters with 32A Breaker Prewired

  • No need to remove the sludge periodically
  • No foul smell and does not attract birds and insects
  • Easy maintenance and can be operated by a single person
  • Helps in reducing Green House Gases
Product Description

Ecoconverter Capacity 750kg & above, A biogas plant is a facility that provides oxygen-free conditions where anaerobic digestion can occur. Simply put, it's an artificial system where you can turn waste into sustainable energy and fertilizers, with positive effects on the environment.

Capacity of Ecoconverters: 750 kg and above, A biogas plant is a structure that offers anaerobic digestion conditions devoid of oxygen. Simply described, it's a man-made technology that allows garbage to be converted into environmentally friendly fertilizers and sustainable electricity.

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