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  • effluent-water-treatment-plant

Effluent Water Treatment Plant

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  • Specifications
Installation Type


Minimum Order Quantity:

1 Piece

Capacity (KLD)

100 KLD

Application Industry

Pharmaceutical & Chemicals

Inlet Flow Rate(m3/day)

100 m3/day

Treatment Technique

Fluidized Aerated Reactor

Material Of Construction

Stainless Steel

Water Pump Power


Water Source

Industrial Effluent

Control Module


Automation Grade


Deliver Type

PAN India, Outside India

Treatment Stages

Preliminary Treatment, Primary Treatment, Secondary Treatment


1 Year

Country of Origin

Made in India

Plant Type

Effluent Treatment Plant

Product Description

Effluent treatment plant manufacturer in Chennai helps to recycle water to provide a better future

It is without doubt that water is among the scarcest resources that are available to mankind. As a matter of fact, the amount of water that is consumable is depleting at a very fast pace, with each passing day, due to contamination of industrial effluents. . Moreover, the lowering levels of ground water do pose a serious threat to the very existence of human beings in most parts of this plant. Given such a serious situation, it does become quite imperative that people try their best to preserve value and conserve every ounce of water that is available to them. Acroama water treatment is regarded to be the very best Effluent treatment plant manufacturer in Chennai offering its clients with a whole range of effluent services to choose from at affordable rates.

Effluent treatment plant are called in this way as their common name WWTP for Rice Mill, rice mill effluent treatment plant, ETP for Rice Mill, etp, biomedical liquid waste treatment system, Physico-Chemical etp in india, Activated Charcoal treatment etp, industrial etp, dairy etp, effluent treatment plant system, Commercial Effluent Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant, (Etp) Manufacturers In India, Rice Mill ETP, effluent sewage treatment plants, common effluent treatment plant, Packaged ETP Plant Manufacturer, Effluent Treatment Plant of Dairy Wastewater, etp plant price, wastewater treatment plant

Effluent treatment plant manufacturer for industrial applications

Usage of water especially for industrial and domestic applications is something unavoidable. With groundwater sources not increasing at the same pace like channels of consumption, there is a need for entrepreneurs to look out for ways and means to derive water for their plants to continue manufacturing of goods, which makes the pure water to be contaminated with effluents. This is where a good and experienced Effluent treatment plant manufacturer like Acroama can come into the picture to assist such clients to get clean water free of effluents as desired by them, so as to meet the manufacturing requirements.

About effluent water and Effluent treatment plant manufacturer

Effluents are said to be in the form of wastes, chemicals, impure water, hazardous gasses, etc. which gets mixed with fresh water sources, hence resulting in pollution of water. Such water is not deemed to be fit for animal or human consumption. Moreover, when effluent mixed water mixes with soil, it could cause soil pollution, thereby rendering soil to become less fertile and even barren. It in turn does have a cyclic effect on fauna and flora.

Helping to face the challenge of Effluent content removal from water

Effluent treatment plant manufacturers in Chennai like Acroama water treatment have been providing the right and most appropriate solutions to clients by having effluent mixed water to be treated before it leaves industrial premises. Furthermore, this well known Effluent treatment plant manufacturer has been coming up with various ways and means to find ways for using the same in an effective manner, within the industry premises.

Water can be cleaned by different filtration processes which can be utilized for cleansing water from effluents. Such processes tend to vary right from simple screening procedures to those much more complicated electronic filtration procedures. Whatever be it, the Effluent treatment plant manufacturer named Acroama is well equipped to handle all types of requirements of its clients and offer solutions at highly competitive rates, within a short period of time.

Effluent are industrial waste water coming from their process. Tannery Effluent Treatment Plant, Pharmaceutical Effluent Treatment Plant, Chemical Effluent Treatment Plant, Textile Effluent Treatment Plant

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Sustainable Categories

  • air-pollution1

    Air Pollution

  • wastewater1


  • waste-management1

    Waste Management

  • recycling1


  • cleaning-housekeeping1

    Cleaning & Housekeeping

  • renewable-energy1

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