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  • eip-enviro-electromechanical-level-measurement
  • eip-enviro-electromechanical-level-measurement

EIP Enviro | Electromechanical level measurement

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  • Specifications

EIP Enviro

Power Requirements

115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz

Ambient Temp

-40F to +185F (-40C to +85C)

Process Temp

Up to 500F (260C)

Measurement Range

Up to 55 meters

Measurement Rate

2 feet per second


0.25% distance measurement accuracy


As per customer requirement


Moulded polycarbonate

Approvals & Certifications

Listed for Class II, Groups E, F, & G Hazardous Locations

Enclosure Type

NEMA 4X, 5 & 12

Product Description

The Electro-Mechanical Silo Pilot Level Transmitters (Electromechanical level measurement) were one of the first technologies introduced for continuous level measurement and are still widely accepted by a lot of customers because of their rugged design and easy maintenance and repair. A very unique application solution provided by our Silo Pilot device is the measurement of solids submerged within liquids. The SmartBob AO with its built-in 4-20 mA output and integrated keypad can easily replace any 4-20 device by simply installing the SmartBob on the top of the bin and wiring the sensor to the existing 4-20 input. When the SmartBob AO takes a measurement, it automatically transmits an updated analog signal containing the measurement data to a PLC. The SmartBob AO can be programmed to initiate a measurement by utilizing an internal timer to take readings at a predetermined time interval, or an external start input can be used to take a measurement immediately, should one be needed. Two configurable relay outputs can be used to alert to measurement status or high, low, or error alarms.

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