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  • eip-enviro-knife-gate-valves
  • eip-enviro-knife-gate-valves

Knife Gate Valves

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Product Description

The WEY Knife Gate Valves stand for bi-directional zero-leakage shut-off, qualify for all liquids, slurries, and solid applications of various consistencies, and have taken a leading international position due to their wide range of applications. Wey Knife Gate Valves have proven records in wastewater treatment plants, in pulp and paper, food and beverage, chemical and petrochemical industries, silo works and bulk material handling, mining and energy plants, in oil sand extraction and dust explosion prevention.

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    Air Pollution

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    Waste Management

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    Cleaning & Housekeeping

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    Renewable Energy

  • river-cleaning1

    River Cleaning

  • laboratory1


  • biomass1


  • noise-vibration1

    Noise & Vibration

  • other1


  • common-equipment1

    Common Equipment

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    Environment, Health & Safety

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  • farm-equipment1

    Farm Equipment

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