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  • eip-enviro-nogs-sensor-esp-hopper-continuous-level
  • eip-enviro-nogs-sensor-esp-hopper-continuous-level

EIP Enviro | NOGS Sensor - ESP Hopper Continuous Level

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  • Specifications

EIP Enviro

  • Non-contact measurement
  • No radioactive sources
  • Provide accurate level signals
  • Non consumable parts like radioactive sources, extremely low maintenance costs with life cycle up to 10 years
  • Capable of independent operation of installation and maintenance
  • Excellent performance in the harsh working environment:
  • Operating temperature range : -40°C ~ +85°C (NOGS is installed in ambient environment)
  • Solid, complete sealed structure with a security protection grade of IP66 is fully capable of outdoor working
  • Wide working voltage range of alternating current : AC 100V-240V; DC 18V-36V
  • Analog signals (4-20 ma) output
  • Easily modify preset working parameters via display panel or remote calibrator
  • Comprehensive self-check function (temperature, grounding, analog open load, etc.)
Product Description

The NOGS Sensor, based on “NOGS” ?-ray detection technology, is widely used for continuous level measurement of ESP Fly Ash Hoppers and measures the trace amounts of natural radionuclides present in the fly ash. It can effectively extract the low amounts of change of gamma rays sensed by the device by adopting random signal recognition technology.

The NOGS Sensor has a dedicated built-in processor, which can effectively distinguish the ?-ray of fly ash from those of the noises in the background environment, and then translate the intensity of the gamma ray into precise material level measurement.

Traditional products require radioactive sources, the dose of which is far greater than that of nature, which makes them hazardous. 

A NOGS Sensor is a unique device that is only a detector without a source. The source of Gamma Rays is Fly Ash. 

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