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Grate Cooler 1000 TDP

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Automatic Grade



Upto 1000 tpd



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Granular or powder

  • This is an inclined arrangement of specially designed anti spillage Grate plates, arranged in downward steps formation. These Grate Rows do not move. The Castable cover is shaped in such a way to have spread of hot clinker on grate without void.
  • The high depth hot clinker bed is formed which is supplied with a concentrated Air load underneath. This results in quick and high grade heat recovery from clinker. This heat is supplied in the form of Secondary and Tertiary Air flow to kiln and Calciner at optimum proportions.
  • As ISIG does the major heat recovery task, for balance Clinker cooling it is equipped with conventional Reciprocating Grate Cooler.
Product Description

Industrial Clinker Cooler is extensively used to cool the clinker and extracted heat from hot clinker is supplied at secondary and tertiary air to kiln. Acknowledged for its optimum specific grate load, this ensures lower heat consumption. It is basically supplied in two independent entities inlet stationary inclined grate and reciprocating clinker grate cooler which are then joined together for achieving maximum recuperation of heat. Moreover, the cooler operates with no risk of "Snowman" formation as there are air blasters installed at front and side walls.

  • Specific Grate load:45 - 50 t/d m2
  • Designed cooling air: 2.0 -2.2Nm3/kg Clinker
  • Required cooling air: 1.7 -1.8 Nm3/kg Clinker
  • Provided with Inlet Stationary inclined Grate(ISIG) and Dynamic Flow regulator(DFR)
  • Lower heat consumption/Kg Clinker due to High Secondary Air temperature which helps in intense burner flame
  • High Tertiary Air causes good degree of Pre-calcination in Calciner and reduces fuel consumption
  • No Internal Ducting/manual Dampers
  • Uniform Distribution Of Air Through-out the with Inlet Stationary inclined Grate (ISIG) Zone ensured By Dynamic Flow Regulators (DFR)
  • Air Blasters Installed At Front & Side Walls Eliminate “Snowman” Formation
  • No Clinker Fall Through
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