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  • igas-internet-gas-monitor
  • igas-internet-gas-monitor

iGAS internet Gas Monitor

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  • Manifolds to measure and record up to 8 gas species simultaneously.
  • Automatic zeroing by internal zero gas generation virtually eliminates drift.
  • Also records atmospheric pressure, temperature and relative humidity.
  • RS485, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • 2GB SD card for data storage.
  • Battery, mains or solar powered.
  • Compatible with Turnkeys AirQWeb for live internet air pollution monitoring.
  • Android and iPhone apps are also available.
  • Operating temperature range -20C to +50C.
  • 12V DC supply, internal 6 Volt, 2AH NiMH battery.
  • Can be used alongside Turnkeys range of continuous dust monitors.
Product Description
iGAS is a new internet gas monitor from turnkey. its multiple gas sensors are housed within a  shielded manifold and aspirated by the means of an ultra quiet pump making the instrument equally suitable for both outdoor and indoor air pollution monitoring. Typical sensitivities are given below. Carbon dioxide is detected by means of a non-dispersive infra-red (NDIR) detector, VOCs (isobutylene) by a 10.6eV photo-ionization detector (PID) and the other gas species by means of 4-electrode electrochemical cells. A propriety zero gas generation scheme is employed to eliminate zero drift in all of the gas sensor cells.

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