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iDB Internet Noise Monitor

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  • Specifications
Power Portal Supply

12V DC


6 Volt, 150 mAH, Nickel Metal Hydride NiMh

Battery Life

Up to 2 hours in event of mains power failure


0.5 kg


Heavy duty machined Aluminium diecast box


100mm x 50mm x 35mm deep

Operating Temperature

-5 degree C to 50 degree C

Power Portal Interface

RS485, 38.4 kBaud



Reporting Interval

1 second to 12 hours

Internal Memory

4Mb flash


Crystal controlled real time clock with battery backup

Calibration Interval

12 months Turnkey SCS scheme eligible

Product Description
The Turnkey® internet iDB® Class 1 provides remote on-site multichannel Class 1 monitoring of noise with data logging and automatic alarms via email, text messaging, or a visual traffic light system. Alarm types and thresholds for noise are configured by the user and their thresholds can be set to depend on the time of day. iDB connects to Turnkey’s AirQWeb cloud server. This allows integrated monitoring and control of noise, vibration, dust, meteorology, and air quality on your site. Live and historic Leq, L10, L90, Lmax, LCpeak and other readings are available to view on your PC, smart-phone or tablet, anywhere, anytime. The reporting interval can be as fast as every minute. All of the data that is recorded is safe and secure with multiple backup servers. To portray the iDB’s readings, Turnkey can also provide 3D site mapping with 3D imagery, live readings and site placements shown on Google® Earth. Also available on your PC or mobile device. iDB has an internal NiMH rechargeable battery that allows continued operation and recording in the event of a site power outage. Measurements taken during power outages are automatically uploaded to AirQWeb when site power returns. iDB’s sound processing circuits are designed to give Class 1 performance over a 95dB dynamic range, so 30dB to 120dB SPL is covered in a single range. Uniquely, iDB measures both dB(A) and dB(C) frequency weightings simultaneously, with F or S time weightings. As well as Leq over the reporting interval, iDB also reports statistical values such as L10, L90 and Lmax in both dB(A) and dB(C) simultaneously. Other statistical sound indicators over arbitrary periods can be calculated within AirQWeb from the uploaded readings. The instantaneous (30 microsecond sample rate) C-weighted peak sound level LC peak may also be recorded together with >125dB overload as a percent of the reporting interval time. An error flag is set if an overload occurs during the sampling period. iDB can be provided with either a Class 1 (supplied with frequency response curve) or Class 2 microphone. Unlike some other providers, access to Turnkey’s AirQWeb is free and unlimited and, provided you have an active Statutory Calibration Scheme (SCS), you also get free and unlimited technical support from the team of people who designed the instrument and software. Turnkey designs its own instruments and writes its own software, so we are able to give you the very best technical support. iDB is supplied complete with a Turnkey Power Portal. This integrates a universal input mains power supply, Turnkey WS3 web server, and 3G/4G access-point into a wall mountable, waterproof, IP68 enclosure. The Power Portal and iDB can be supplied in a Peli-case for easy storage and transportation. The iDB itself is sealed to IP65.

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