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  • municipal-solid-waste-msw-gasifier

Municipal Solid Waste(Msw) Gasifier 20KW

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It is environment friendly There is no limitation of size, you can install gasifiers from 20 kW to 1 MW capacity and the multiple lines of 1 MW. Zero Landfill, only small amount of ash will come out as waste Low cost of handling and maintenance. Robust design High reliability Designed for easy maintenance


CPG provides One Stop Solution for MSW, which involves supplying of sorting, shredding, gasification and power generation section.

  • There is no limitation of size, you can install gasifiers from 20 kW to 1 MW capacity and the multiple lines of 1 MW.
Product Description

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is the biggest problem of the present world, where MSW is dumped as land fill and making huge mountains of waste, creating havoc with the environment due to foul smell, spoils the groundwater in rains.

The other solution is incineration, which again spoils the environment, so Gasification has come up as a best possible solution for treatment of MSW.

  • Multiple standard lines at 100,000-140,000 tpa
  • Optional drying and processing of organics
  • RDF mix of MSW fraction, plastics, and compost
  • Flexible changing feedstocks
  • Ability to emphasize manual labor, intensive handling or automation
  • Flexible handling of MSW including variable content and high humidity
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