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Densification and the production of large diameter pellets for recycling, transportation, or disposal of by-pass dust of cement plants or ESP dust. It can palletize all kind of powdery materials.

  • Densification and the production of large diameter pellets for recycling, transportation, or disposal of by-pass dust of cement plants or ESP dust. It can palletize all kind of powdery materials.
Product Description

Nodulizer The CPW Deep Drum Nodulizer is an Inclined, deep drum unit featuring a centrally mounted screw feeder. Its deep drum Design makes it ideal for applications requiring Long retention time for densification and the Production of large diameter pellets. The deep Drum Pelletizer is an excellent choice for applications that require large, dense pellets for transportation or disposal.

The Deep Drum Pelletizer's low headroom requirement allows for installation in existing structures and the centrally mounted feed screw provides an excellent opportunity to mix dry binders when required.

The drum of the pelletizer provides 30-degree angle adjustment and incorporates a binder spray system and adjustable wear-resistant scrapers. Other features of the unit include 1800 rpm motors with gear reducers and the specially designed auger feeder.


  • Flexible spray system for any type of fluid used for nodule formation
  • Reaction to the nodulizing treatment is well-built, and the rate of magnesium absorption is high
  • Angle adjustment provision with hydraulics to control retention time of feed material
  • Centrally mounted screw feeding system making zero-emission
  • The heavy rare-earth Nodulizers possess robust capacities with anti-recession, anti-distortion, and anti-interference in the process of production.
  • Heavy-duty chain drive system for efficient operation purpose
  • Robust design with swing frame
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