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Oxygen Flow Meter

Oxygen flow meters are devices used in medical and laboratory settings to measure the flow rate of oxygen from a gas source to a patient or laboratory experiment. The flow meters typically consist of a gauge and a control valve that regulates the flow of oxygen through a system of tubes and fittings.

In medical settings, oxygen flow meters are commonly used in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities to monitor and regulate oxygen therapy for patients with respiratory conditions. The flow meters are typically attached to oxygen tanks, concentrators, or wall outlets, and are calibrated to deliver a specific flow rate of oxygen to the patient.

In laboratory settings, oxygen flow meters are used in experiments that require precise control of gas flow rates. This may include experiments in which the oxygen flow rate is a critical variable, such as in cell culture or fermentation experiments.

Oxygen flow meters may be manual or electronic, with electronic flow meters offering the advantage of greater accuracy and precision in flow rate measurement. Some oxygen flow meters may also be designed for use with specific types of gas sources or tubing sizes, so it is important to select a flow meter that is appropriate for the specific application.

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