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  • refuse-chute-system-material-ss-304
  • refuse-chute-system-material-ss-304

Refuse Chute System Material SS 304

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industries such as construction, automotive and industrial manufacturing. It can also be used in retail businesses, restaurants and hotel


Refuse Chute System


390 mm diameter (Usually 1.0 mm thick)


SS 304


Single or Basic Type Garbage Chute Common Duct for Dry & Wet Collection


It can be used for recycling or composting purposes or it can be used as fertilizer for crops grown on farms, city parks, and gardens.

  • Exhaust fan at the top with minimum 30 air changes / hour Impact absorber at the bottom to protect the bins from damage by impact
  • Daily compulsory cleaning by self-operating sanitation system Phenyl dosing at the top only once a month, not daily Odour control system to control the odour in the garbage room. It is non-chemical type & has no recurring costs
  • Fire sprinklers on the every floor to exhaust any fire immediately Discharge end fire doors HDPE injection molded wheeled bins for long life & available in 240 / 360 / 660 / 1100 liters options as per customers need
Product Description

Refuse Chute System Material SS 304  It is a system that allows the user to choose which items to move out of the way. This is done by moving a slider that moves the items in front of it. It is a system that can automatically take in waste, remove it from the stream, and then send it somewhere else.

These are a type of automated systems that help people to refuse food, beverages or other products. The system is designed to make it very easy for people to refuse the product by using an automated system.

They are used in industries to help people who have to deal with the issue of waste. This is achieved by using the Chute System, which allows for easy disposal of unwanted products and materials.

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