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Rotary Screen 5TPH

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  • Specifications

1500,1200,1000, 900, 750, 600, 450, 300 & 200 mm

Screen length:

6000 to 300 mm


0.8m2to 16.5m2

  • Skid mounted and is potable, hence its fixture can be easily fixed anywhere depending on the process requirement and space availability.
  • Robust Construction. Screening shell is made of Stainless Steel to provide anti-magnetic properties against ferrous particles which also ensures the 100% opening of screen holes.
  • The screen can be divided into three or more segments whose aperture sizes can segregate materials into different zones.
  • The aperture design in the screen helps the material to pass out easily and ensures the minimization of blinding in the screen.
  • Impact hammers with the pin-type arrangement to avoid the choking of material in the holes and ensure 100% passing of material even with moisture.
  • The dust collection point of adequate size has been provided to vent the unwarranted and very fine particles which may cause dust nuisance in the screen.
  • Sieve holes drilled by the latest CNC machine with pitch accuracy in microns leading to maximum efficiency for sorting.
Product Description

Rotary Screen 5TPH  CPG is supplying Rotary Screen to sort out the valuable materials from Zorba Scrap, Municipal Waste, etc. by screening. The screens are extensively used in metal recycling plants as well as in the mineral industry.

We have recently supplied Rotary Screens of various sizes and capacities starting with 1.5m dia. X 5.0m long to 2.4m dia. X 20m Long and capacities ranging from 5 TPH to 20 TPH and no of holes in single screen has been up to 3,00,000 (varying in different dimensions).

Our capability is to manufacture up to 4.6m dia. and 17m long (single piece)

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