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Screw Dew Point Transmitter

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Product Description

Screw Dew Point Transmitter, Dew Point Meter is a rugged and unique loop powered dew point meter capable of both gas and liquid hydrocarbon phase measurements. The Dew Point Meter uses a high capacitance aluminum oxide sensor with a measuring range of -100ºC to +20ºF or -60ºC to +20ºC. Customers can also request special ranges for special applications. The dew point sensors provide a high degree of accuracy, speed, of response and stability unavailable from instruments using conventional aluminum oxide or polymer sensors.

The transmitter uses a multipoint calibration table which provides temperature compensated dewpoint readings for temperatures from -10ºC to +70ºC with the option of going below -10ºC. Thus, the Analyzer provides accurate dewpoint measurements over its full range even under extreme temperature conditions, such as when installed outdoor or close to heat sources.

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