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  • sdacm4000-isoperibol-bomb-calorimeter-for-food-coal-for-fuel

SDACM4000 Isoperibol Bomb Calorimeter (For Food, Coal, For Fuel)

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  • Specifications
Model Number


Analysis Time


Test Range


Sample Weight


Furnace Temperature

1150 Degree C

Analysis Time


Heat Capacity Precision

= 0.1%

  • Vertical type calorimeter, large water quantity. Difference of jacket water temperature in each test is less than 0.1K
  • Automatic water temperature adjustment (at final stage, bucket temperature is 1K higher than jacket temperature), water amount determination and test. ???Support oxygen bomb air tightness examination, no complicated elevating mechanism and compressor in calorimeter
  • SDACM4000 calorimeter has expert diagnostic, self-protection, self-diagnostic function
  • Authentic test data and calorific value, no software modification
  • Strong data processing capability, statistics report and printing function; Capable of connecting with network and balance by RS232 interface
Product Description

SDACM4000 Isoperibol Bomb Calorimeter (For Food, Coal, For Fuel), Isoperibol Oxygen bomb calorimeter is an instrument used to measure the heat released when oxygen reacts with hydrogen peroxide. The reaction releases heat which can be measured using a thermometer. This device is used to determine the amount of energy produced during combustion reactions

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