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  • slotted-vibrating-screen
  • slotted-vibrating-screen

Slotted Vibrating Screen

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Vibrating Screen Separators in the Pulp and Paper Industry There was a time when the pulp and paper industry thought of circular screen separators only in relation to the calcification of size and coatings. But those days are gone forever! The pulp and paper industry is now one of the largest users of vibrating screen separators. Advantages: Possible utilization for screening of diverse sorts of rejects. Open design (visual inspection of screening process). Easy maintenance and servicing. Easy operation and high work safely. Material: The tub, screening part, and shower pipe are made of Stainless Steel. The vibrator, drive stand, and Covers are made of structural steel and painted with Polyurethane Double-component Waterproof paint. Accessories: It is possible to deliver a small inlet reservoir with a gate valve. Machine design and work safety are in compliance with EU standards. PVS Model-1, MOTOR RPM - 1470, TPD 4-5, POWER(Kw)-3.7.
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