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Twin Shaft Mixer

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100 Litres

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2 HP

Body Material

Stainless Steel

Product Description

We are offering a wide range of Twin Shaft Mixer. Twin Shaft Mixer can be employed to work on high concentration and high viscosity products which give rise to finer and faster dispersions eliminating conventional milling. Multi-shaft mixers have a center mounted low speed blade sweeping the mixing vessel wall and an additional high speed shaft. The high speed blade typically provides high shear to disperse ingredients. The low speed blade feeds the high speed blade by blending and folding the mass in the vessel and improves product uniformity by scraping the walls.Bharat Process Equipment (BPE) offers wide range of capacities from 0.5HP to 100HP in all material grades..

Three Stages of Mixing :

  1. Mixer - a slow speed open impeller with three risers starts the batch moving and continually forces it into the thinner high speed blades. Risers usually have scrapers to clean the tank walls.
  2. Dispersion - a high-speed disc with sharp teeth breaks up agglomerates when they hit the disc or each other in the intense zone of attrition.
  3. Homogenizing - a high-speed rotor-stator further separates the batch into smaller droplets of mutually incompatible material and forces them into a mixture.
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