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  • 0-5-hp-shower-booster-pump-with-dry-running-protection

0.5 HP Shower Booster Pump with Dry Running Protection

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  • Specifications
Model Name/Number

0.5 HP Shower Booster Pump With Dry Running Protection


Suitable for multiple points

Motor Horsepower

0.5 HP

Product Type

Shower Pressure Boosting Pump

  • High Quality
  • Powerful Stream of Water
  • Can Be Used For Multiple Purposes
Product Description

0.5 HP Shower Boosting Pump with Dry Running Protection is a high-quality shower pump with an output pressure of up to 1.2 GPM. This pump will provide you with a powerful stream of water that can be used for multiple purposes such as bathing, washing dishes, or cleaning your car. The pump comes with a 3-year warranty and is backed by our customer service team.

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