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O&M and AMC Services

O&M and AMC Services

8 Services

Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies

8 Services

Municipal Services

Municipal Services

7 Services

Calibration and Standardization

Calibration and Standardization

2 Services

Design & PMC Consultancy Services
  • feasibility-report

    Feasibility Report

  • detailed-project-report

    Detailed Project Report

  • project-management-consultancy

    Project Management Consultancy

  • qa-qc-services

    QA/ QC Services

  • pre-bid-engineering-services

    Pre-bid Engineering Services

  • third-party-audit-services

    Third Party Audit Services

Waste Management Services
  • msw-door-to-door-collection

    MSW Door to Door Collection

  • msw-secondary-transportation

    MSW Secondary Transportation

  • residential-societies-waste-disposal-services

    Residential Societies Waste Disposal Services

  • industrial-park-waste-management

    Industrial Park Waste Management

  • biomining-bioremediation

    Biomining / Bioremediation

Waste Disposal Services
  • e-waste-disposal

    E-Waste Disposal

  • plastic-waste-disposal

    Plastic Waste Disposal

  • epr-services

    Our EPR Services

  • expired-medicine-waste-disposal

    Expired medicine waste disposal

  • commercial-waste-disposal-services

    Commercial Waste Disposal Services

  • sludge-disposal

    Sludge Disposal

  • hazardous-waste-disposal-services

    Hazardous Waste Disposal Services

O&M and AMC Services
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  • effluent-treatment-plants

    Effluent Treatment Plants

  • sewage-treatment-plants

    Sewage Treatment Plants

  • water-treatment-plants

    Water Treatment Plants

  • waste-to-energy-plants

    Waste to Energy Plants

  • water-and-sewerage-system

    Water and Sewerage System

  • material-recycling-facility

    Material Recycling Facility

Training and Awareness
  • strategic-iec-communication-plan

    Strategic IEC/ Communication Plan

  • waste-management-training

    Waste Management Training

  • environment-awareness-campaign

    Environment Awareness Campaign

  • wtp-etp-stp-cetp-operations-training

    WTP/ETP/STP/CETP Operations Training

  • iso-training

    ISO Training

  • emergency-plan-training

    Emergency Plan Training

Environmental Clearance
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  • environment-impact-assessment-eia

    Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)

  • social-impact-assessment-sia

    Social Impact Assessment (SIA)

  • rehabitation-and-resettlement-r-and-r

    Rehabitation & Resettlement (R&R)

  • environmental-risk-assessment

    Environmental Risk Assessment

  • consent-to-establishment-cte

    Consent To Establishment (CTE)

  • consent-to-operate-cto

    Consent To Operate (CTO)

Environmental Compliance
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  • ec-compliance

    EC Compliance

  • noc-compliance

    NOC Compliance

  • cto-compliance

    CTO Compliance

  • water-cess-management

    Water Cess Management

  • form-five-environmental-return-filing

    Form 5 - Environmental Return Filing

  • form-three-e-waste-return-filing

    Form-3- E-Waste Return Filing

Environmental Studies
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  • environmental-mitigation-plan

    Environmental Mitigation Plan

  • alternative-site-technology-study

    Alternative Site/Technology Study

  • odor-management-plan-and-services

    Odor Management Plan and Services

  • metal-scrap-handling-and-management-plan

    Metal Scrap Handling and Management Plan

  • emission-inventory-report

    Emission Inventory Report

  • pollution-abatement-plan

    Pollution abatement Plan

Financial/Growth Services
  • technical-due-diligence

    Technical Due Diligence

  • tariff-petition-prepration

    Tariff Petition Prepration

  • ppa-signing

    PPA Signing

  • financial-closure

    Financial Closure

Municipal Services
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  • sewer-leakage-and-intactness-inspection

    Sewer leakage and Intactness Inspection

  • sewer-cleaning-service

    Sewer Cleaning Service

  • municipal-stp-handling-and-management

    Municipal STP Handling and Management

  • municipal-solid-waste-management

    Municipal Solid Waste Management

  • drain-desiliting

    Drain Desiliting

Other Service Categories


Monitoring Services


Laboratory Services


Audit Services


Carbon Credit Advisory


Simulation and Modelling


Remediation Services

Featured Services

Training and Awareness

6 Services

Environmental Clearance

9 Services

Environmental Compliance

9 Services

Environmental Studies

8 Services

Municipal Services

7 Services
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Environmental Software
    Water & Wastewater
    View All
    • marine-and-runoff-water-compliance

      Marine and Runoff Water Compliance Software

    • water-and-wastewater-treatment-hydraulic-models

      Water & Wastewater Treatment Hydraulic Models

    • water-resources-groundwater-software

      Water Resources Groundwater Software

    • water-resources-software

      Water Resources Software

    • water-and-wastewater-treatment-modeling-software

      Water & Wastewater Treatment Modeling software

    • water-resources-geochemical-software

      Water Resources Geochemical Software

    • surface-water-models

      Surface Water Models

    • groundwater-models

      Groundwater Models

    • air-pollution-dispersion-software

      Air Pollution Dispersion Software

    • air-quality-models

      Air Quality Models

    • meteorological-data-and-processors

      Meteorological Data and Processors

    • emissions-database-systems

      Emissions Database Systems Software

    • gas-multi-point-application-software

      Gas Multi Point Application Software

    • gas-detection-management

      Gas Detection Management Software

    • envizom-advanced-air-monitoring-software

      Envizom - Advanced Air Monitoring Software

    Noise & Vibration
    View All
    • noise-monitoring-and-management-software

      Noise Monitoring and Management Software

    • noise-mapping-and-prediction-software

      Noise Mapping & Prediction Software

    • noise-control-software

      Noise Control Software

    • acoustic-simulation-software

      Acoustic Simulation Software

    • noise-and-vibration-prediction-software

      Noise & Vibration Prediction Software

    • vibration-monitoring-software

      Vibration Monitoring Software

    • vibration-control-software

      Vibration Control Software

    Waste Management
    View All
    • waste-management-software

      waste management software

    • route-management-software

      Route Management Software

    • bin-management-software

      Bin Management Software

    • workshop-management

      Workshop Management Software

    Design Software
    View All
    • storm-sewer-design-software

      Storm Sewer Design Software

    • drainage-design-software

      Drainage Design Software

    • wastewater-treatment-plant-design-software

      Wastewater Treatment Plant Design Software

    Remote Sensing & GIS Software
    View All
    • environmental-mapping

      Environmental Mapping

    • hydrological-mapping

      Hydrological Mapping

    • biodiversity-mapping

      Biodiversity Mapping

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