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RO Plant Capacity 500 LPH  500 LPH RO Plant model by Netsol Water is starting Reverse Osmosis plant range in Commercial RO Plant segment. It has two RO Membrane that gives a fantastic and durable performance as per the client’s requirement. It has a flow rate and filtration system of 500 liters per hour with up to the duty cycle of 10,000 ltr per day water purifications.
We have designed this system to produce permeate flow of 500 Liters per hour.
Maximum TDS Level of Raw Water (input) up to 2500 ppm.
The treated water quality as required i.e pH 7-8 after correction, TDS <100 PPM & Hardness < 50 PPM can be achieved, subject to the feed water quality is the same as specified above. In case of any change in the quality of raw water, it may have implications on operating parameters or on the end results of the system.
The system of recovery is properly maintained corresponding to the raw water TDS.
RO feed water limiting conditions as mentioned below are strictly maintained.
Usage/Application Water Purification
Brand Netsol Water
RO Capacity 500 LPH
Material Stainless Steel /
Max Water Recovery Rate 50-55 %
Types Of Machines Multi-Grade Filter, Reverse Osmosis Unit, UV Sterilizer, Activated Carbon Filter
Automation Grade Automatic
Number of Membranes in RO 2
Number of Filtration Passes <5
Voltage 240 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Power Source Electric
Phase Single Phase

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