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  • aurora-3000-3-wavelength-integrating-nephelometer
  • aurora-3000-3-wavelength-integrating-nephelometer


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  • Specifications

0.0 to > 20,000 Mm-1

Lower detectable limit

< 0.3 Mm-1 full and back scatter (60 second averaged data) (0.1 Mm-1 optional)

Secondary measurements

Sample air temperature, enclosure temperature, sample relative humidity and sample pressure. (sample flow for MFC option)

Intensity function

Full scatter 9 - 170 C Back scatter 90 - 170 C, parameterised by Mueller et al, 2010

Flow rate

5 LPM with default blower (1 to 17 l/min for MFC option)

Operating temperature

- 20 to 45 C

Operating RH

10 to 95 %


Span gas available for CO2 , SF6 , FM-200, R-12, R-22, R-134 or a user defined gas


Reference light source measurement

Light source

Stable LED light source (US patent 7,671,988)


525 nm (green), 450 nm (blue), 635 nm (red)

Operating voltage

12 VDC (incl 110 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz power converter) (14 watts nominal, 45 watts with heater active)


170 x 700 x 215 mm


11.2 kg


2000m (15,000m with 12V operation)

Measured parameters

Light scattering coefficient (ssp) at (450, 525 and 635 nm) Backscatter coefficient (bssp) at (450, 525 and 635 nm)

  • High powered LED light source increases measurement accuracy
  • Single light source and detector used for all wave-lengths
  • Heat generated by the LED light source is a fraction of that generated by a flash lamp, minimizing changes in sample RH
  • Facilitates a wide measuring range (0 to 20,000 Mm-1).
  • Easy automatic calibration, ensures repeatability of measurement
  • Single light source and detector used for all wavelengths
  • Automatic optical reference calibration
Product Description

Aerosol particles in the atmosphere directly influence the earth’s radiative balance by absorbing and scattering the solar radiation and indirectly, by changing the clouds microphysical properties. The amount of sunlight reaching the earth’s surface, rather than being scattered back to space, is an important parameter to accurately model the influence of aerosol scattering on the earth’s radiative balance.

The Aurora™ 3000 provides this measurement by reporting both the integrated and back-scattered coefficient. Using a LED light source, the Aurora™ 3000 simultaneously measures at 525 nm (green), 450 nm (blue) and 635 nm (red) to enable wide and in-depth analysis of the interaction between light and aerosols.

The ACOEM Ecotech Aurora™ 3000 includes backscatter measurements that allows both standard integrating measurements of 9 - 170° and also the back scatter 90 - 170°.

APPLICATIONS • Studies on backscatter and forward scatter • Scattering enhancement factor (eg. in combination with the Ecotech ACS) • Scattering Angstrom exponent calculations • Determination of single scattering albedo • Easy integration with the ACOEM ACS 1000. 

BENEFITS • Simplified automatic calibration using internal valves, ideal for remote locations • Fully automatic zero check or adjust, automatic span check or automatic zero and span check available in intervals of 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 hrs or weekly • Fully integrated package including internal sample pump, sample heater, internal calibration valves, zero air pump and data logger • Internal sample heater with temperature or RH control, which can be enabled by the user to eliminate the effects of humidity (RH: < 30 to < 90 % ) • 12 VDC operation (60 watts max, 14 watts nominal) • Holds up to 33 days of 5 minute data averages, 6 days of 1 minute data, or every measurement cycle (3 seconds) • Our LED light source is guaranteed not to fail within 3 years, and often exceeds 5 years • An LED light source uses the same light path for each wavelength ensuring consistency of measurement, eliminating the need for PMTs and band pass filters maximizing light intensity • Remote control through serial interface • Suitable for high altitude applications.

COMMUNICATIONS & DATA LOGGING Outputs: 4 analog outputs (2 voltage & 2 current) and 2 x RS232 serial ports Filtering: Kalman (digital adaptive filter), moving average (30 seconds) or no filter Stored parameters: Date & Time, ssp (635, 525 and 450 nm), Air temperature, Enclosure temperature, RH, Pressure instrument status, raw measure counts or measure ratios, Sample flow for MFC option Capacity: Maximum of 33 days of 5 minute averages, or 6 days of 1 minute averaged data , 2000 lines of data if all measurement cycles (3 seconds) Data Collection: Airodis Demo analysis software provided free

OPTIONS • MFC and Automated Ball Valve • Roof flange kit and rain cap with insect screen • Gas calibration kit and wall mount bracket • Exhaust tubing kit • Aerosol dryer • ACS 1000 interfacing.

LOWER COST OF OWNERSHIP • Fully automatic zero and span calibrations • Low power internal 12 V sample heater • Long lasting low power LED light source • No bandpass filters to be replaced • Easy to clean measurement cell.

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