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Autoclave Vertical Double Wall S S

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Product Description
Internal Tank Capacity22 Liter40 Liter50 Liter75 Liter175 Liter
Load2.00 KW3.00 KW3.00 KW4.00 KW6.00 KW
Chamber dimension10” x 18”12” x 22”14” x 22”18” x 24”22” x 36”
No.of Drums & Sizes-2 (9” x11”)2 (9” x11”)2 (12” x 15”)3 (12” x 15”)
Working Pressure1.2 kgf/cm sq.g (15 psi - 17 psi) (Can be Upgraded up to 30 PSI)
Sterilizing Temperature121°C to 134°C (150°C - Optional)
Heat Average<=±1°C
Sterilization Time25 to 30 Minutes
Digital Timer0 to 99 min
ConstructionDouble / Triple wall & SS GMP construction
Outer ChamberMild Steel (304 stainless Steel – Optional)
Inner Chamber304 SS (316 / 316L grades Stainless Steel – Optional)
InsulationGlass Wool
Waste ContainerStainless Steel
Door / LidFoot lifted with safety and interlock device
Door Locking typeRadial Type (Wing Nut Optional)
Water Filling & RemovalManual
Safety FeaturesRadial locking, safety valve, low water detector and pressure interlock
Optional accessories

- PID controller
- Low / High water cut-off device
- Digital alarm
- Temperature chart recorder
- Dot Matrix Printer 
- RS 232 / USB PC Connection Port
- NABL certification
- Stainless Steel wire mesh carrier
- Dressing drum
- Sterilization indicator tape
- Autoclave bags
- PLC control system
- IQ / OQ / PQ Documentation

-On Side grantee charge extra 



1 year ( parts)

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  • air-pollution1

    Air Pollution

  • water1


  • wastewater1


  • waste-management1

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  • recycling1


  • cleaning-housekeeping1

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  • renewable-energy1

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  • river-cleaning1

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  • biomass1


  • noise-vibration1

    Noise & Vibration

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    Common Equipment

  • environment-health-safety1

    Environment, Health & Safety

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    Farm Equipment

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