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Best Briquetting Machine

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  • Specifications
Raw Material Processed

any agro and forestry waste

Production Capacity

up to 2000 kg

Output Ball Size

upto 90 mm

Automation Grade


Treatment Technique

piston press

Plant Type


Briquette Shape



Red and blue

Weight Kilogram

8200 kg approx.

Feed Flow Rate

up to 3000 kg

Applicable Industry

any boiler industries

Electrical Parts & Control Panel

Made by Siemens, ABB

Product Description

JAY KHODIYAAR MACHINE TOOLS is a leading manufacturer of biomass briquette machines. Briquettes are one type of white coal. Briquettes are cheap and non-pollutant compared to coal.

JAY KHODIYAAR MACHINE TOOLS manufactures 3 types of briquette machines according to production capacity, raw material, and also according to the requirement of our clients. Machines produce briquettes from different types of raw materials like sawdust, rice husks, wooden chips, coconut shells, coffee husks, etc. All these raw materials are agricultural wastes. Our machines convert all these wastes (biomass) into briquettes.

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Sustainable Categories

  • air-pollution1

    Air Pollution

  • water1


  • wastewater1


  • waste-management1

    Waste Management

  • recycling1


  • cleaning-housekeeping1

    Cleaning & Housekeeping

  • renewable-energy1

    Renewable Energy

  • river-cleaning1

    River Cleaning

  • laboratory1


  • noise-vibration1

    Noise & Vibration

  • other1


  • common-equipment1

    Common Equipment

  • environment-health-safety1

    Environment, Health & Safety

  • meteorology1


  • farm-equipment1

    Farm Equipment

  • chemicals1


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