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Livexpo is a pioneering bio-science company with a mission to revolutionize the cleaning and disinfection industry through environmentally friendly products. By leveraging Green Chemistry principles, biotechnology, and bio-augmentation methods, we develop natural bio-enzymes and eco-chemicals for green cleaning solutions. Our ultimate goal is to replace harmful chemicals with safe biotechnology products, while simultaneously raising standards and reducing costs.

We operate at the forefront of biology, engineering, and chemistry to address real-world challenges with radical and sustainable solutions. We embrace innovation and take bold risks in our pursuit of excellence.

Years of dedicated research and development have enabled us to uncover new procedures and processes in bioaugmentation and microbial solutions. Our focus extends to industrial, commercial, and municipal wastewater management applications.

At the core of Livexpo lies a profound concern for the environment. Our commitment is to manufacture eco-friendly products that empower individuals to adopt sustainable practices.

As we venture into the future, we continually refresh our daily lives with cutting-edge technologies, product innovations, and inspiring ideas. Our inspiration stems from the belief that cleaning should not create a mess. We strive to achieve the best results for our clients by utilizing efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective means. Our products not only address waste but also harness the power of nature to transform it.

With a nationwide presence, we offer solutions for diverse applications, replacing harsh chemicals with superior performing bio-enzymes, eco-chemicals, and sustainable green products.

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