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Shudh Labh

Bangalore, India-based Shudh-Labh Solutions is a rapidly expanding waste management technology company. It was launched in 2014. Our goal is to create technology that can handle and process all sorts of household waste while being economically feasible. The overall objective, as the name says, is to provide cutting-edge recycling technology to improve overall community effect. We are concentrating on improving value recovery from trash and upcycling dry waste.

We currently assist 60+ clients by converting garbage into organic compost utilizing our patented technology-based Aerobic Digestor. The Shubh-Labh team now numbers more than 50 people. Additionally, we provide training, mentoring, consulting, and consultancy for environmental initiatives.

Large trash producers like apartments, gated communities, hotels, educational institutions, technology parks, and corporations are partners with Shudh-Labh.

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