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  • brinell-microscope-se20l
  • brinell-microscope-se20l

Brinell Microscope SE20L

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  • Specifications

Brinell Microscope





Effective field view range (mm)


Resolution (µm)


Dimensions (mm)

70 x 50 x 155

Weight (kg)


Light Source

Built in LED LIGHT

  • High Durability
  • High performance
Product Description

Brinell Microscope SE20L Instrument Features  Precise measurement for the diameter of indentation in Brinell hardness testing.  Determining the width and length of scale mark, Slit, key slot and dent, etc.  Checking the metal surface quality, density of fibre and field specimens, etc.Brinell Microscopes are used to measure the diameter of the indentation left by the hardness test machine. The diameter figure is then fed into a standard calculation that gives the hardness of the metal

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