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  • capcitance-point-s-level-switch-model-lmc
  • capcitance-point-s-level-switch-model-lmc

Capcitance Point(S) Level Switch (Model - LMC)

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  • Specifications

Suitable for side as well as top mounting.


max 600 C (ceramic insulation).


max. 15 bar.

Types of

PTFE coated for corrosive and conductive liquids.

  • Compact size.
  • Universal industrial power supply (15 to 80 VDC & 15 to 260 VAC).
  • Low power consumption.
  • Easy dip switch calibration.
  • Customized process connections like Threaded/Flanged/Hygienic etc.
  • Remote electronics version available on request.
  • Exd version available-suitable for gas group IIC, T6 as per IEC 60079-1-2007 & IEC 600529-2001.
Product Description

Capacitive switches are used in many applications where it is important to know if an object has been touched or not. These switches can be used as part of a control system, such as a door lock, or they may be used as a sensor, such as an elevator button. The capacitive switch consists of two plates separated by a dielectric medium. When the top plate touches the bottom plate, the capacitor is closed and current flows through the circuit. If the top plate is removed from the bottom plate, the switch becomes open and no current will flow.

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