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Data Logger

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Product Description

D-LOG21x Series data logger is ideal for remote monitoring of solar power plants and weather station system.Weather sensors can directly be connected to it's analog input.

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Sustainable Categories

  • air-pollution1

    Air Pollution

  • water1


  • wastewater1


  • waste-management1

    Waste Management

  • recycling1


  • cleaning-housekeeping1

    Cleaning & Housekeeping

  • river-cleaning1

    River Cleaning

  • laboratory1


  • biomass1


  • noise-vibration1

    Noise & Vibration

  • other1


  • common-equipment1

    Common Equipment

  • environment-health-safety1

    Environment, Health & Safety

  • meteorology1


  • farm-equipment1

    Farm Equipment

  • chemicals1


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