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  • dual-channel-pm-2-5-10-dust-sampler
  • dual-channel-pm-2-5-10-dust-sampler
  • dual-channel-pm-2-5-10-dust-sampler

Dual Channel PM 2.5/10 Dust Sampler


As per Instrumex

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  • Specifications
PM 10 Inlet

USEPA based Omni-directional ambient particle inlet with 10 separation assembly & sample transport tube.

PM 2.5 Inlet

USEPA based PM10 Inlet coupled with USEPA based PM 2.5 WINS Impactor for separation of coarse particles.

Filter Media

Designed for accommodating any filter paper having size 47mm (for PM10) or 46.2mm (for PM2.5)

Flow Rate Meter & Volume Totaliser

Dual channel Flow display for PM2.5 and PM10 in LPM with a Resolution of 0.01 LPM under actual operating conditions. Cumulative Volume totalization after every 30 seconds available on Display with resolution of 0.01m3

Flow Control as per FRM sampler guidelines of USEPA

Flow rate for both channels (PM2.5 & 10) independently maintained Constant @ 16.67 LPM with 2% Accuracy throughout Sampling Period using indigenously developed Microprocessor Based Digital Dual Flow Controller.

Clock / Timer System

Programmable Real Time control system with Automatic start & stop & Digital Display of Date & Time & Time of Sampling. Accuracy 2 min / month.

Temperature Sensors

One Ambient Temperature & 2 Filter Temperatures (for PM2.5 and PM10) Range - 5C to 50C With a Resolution of 0.10C.


20x4 LCD display showing parameters in real time with switchable option for viewing PM2.5 or PM10 parameters Flow Rate in LPM Volumetric Flow in m3 Barometric Pressure in mmHg Ambient Temperature in Deg C Filter Temperature in Deg C

Output Terminal

RS-232C for connection to PC and USB Flash Drive (Optional)


Fluid Control Research Institute, Palakkad, Kerala

Product Description

Dual Channel PM 2.5/10 Dust Sampler Instrumex Dual Channel Ambient Fine Dust Sampler, Model No. – IPM-FDS-2510  

For Simultaneous Measurement Of PM2.5 And PM10 in Ambient Air.

Microprocessor-Based Model with Data Logging for all 5 parameters.

Designed As Per USEPA & CPCB Guide Lines


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