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Operational Modes

Atomic absorption, atomic absorption with background correction 1, emission.

Wavelength Range

190 to 900 nm

Photometric Range

-0.301 to 2.0 Abs

Photometric Accuracy

0.001 Abs @ 1 Abs


High performance photomultiplier.


Littrow type

Focal Length

250 nm


1200 lines/mm


Variable 0.1 to 2 nm in steps of 0.1 nm


815 mm (L) x 285 mm (W) x 495 mm (H)


35 kg

Lamp Capacity

2lamp positions with individual power supply.

Power Required

230 Volts 10 %, 50 Hz, 69 VA

Sample Uptake Rate

5 to 8 ml/min

Spray Chamber

Chemically inert, PTFE.


Platinum, Iridium.

Burner Type

Air cooled, pre-mix 100 mm slot burner suitable for acetylene/air flames. Universal 50 mm slot burner suitable for all flame types 2.

Burner Positioning

Manual vertical, rotational and lateral positioning.

Flame Ignition and Extinguish


Gas Control

Gas flow rate control with rota meter and needle valves. Software controlled flame type change over from air/acetylene to nitrous oxide/acetylene.


Greater then 0.7 Abs signal for 5 ppm Copper solution 3.

  • Atomic absorption with background correction requires additional D2 background correction option
  • 50 mm burner optional. Compatible with air/acetylene and nitrous oxide/acetylene flame types
  • With 100 mm burner
Product Description

AA301 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer has been developed to guide the user quickly and easily through an analysis with its comprehensive Elemental Method Library. The AA301 comes with intuitive AA software for simple data acquisition and system control. Analysis is fast and simple with these performance enhancing features: Better performance is achieved with an improved spray chamber and nebulizer making the sample introduction process more efficient and repeatable Valuable time is saved with the twin lamp holder, allowing one lamp to be used for measurement whilst the other is warming up Various options and accessories are available to enhance performance and functionality including background correction, hydride generator, cold vapour mercury generator and 50 mm nitrous oxide/acetylene burne Convenient lamp selection via Element Name or Lamp Holder Number Wavelength peaks can be searched and found automatically by selecting different parameters Always see what is happening with the real time continuous display of absorbance scan vs time Safe pneumatics controller including safety interlock before flame ignition, extinguish or flame type changeover Continuous monitoring of flame and instrument status indicated clearly by color Analytical parameters for all AA elements are stored in an easily accessible cookbook. 

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