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Environmental Test Chamber 450 L Stainless Steel

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450 L

Temperature Range

-86.0 deg C to 200.0 deg C


Stainless Steel


0.5 deg C


+1 deg C

Humidity Range

45 Percent to 98 Percent RH

nternal Size

60 X 60 X 125 cm

External Size

80 X 130 X 175 cm

Unit Weight

275 kg

Product Description

An Environmental Test Chamber artificially replicates conditions to which machinery, materials, devices, or components might be exposed to. It is also used to accelerate the effects of exposure to the environment, sometimes at conditions not actually expected.

Chamber testing involves testing and exposing products to various environmental conditions in a controlled setting. Climatic Chamber testing and Thermal Shock testing are part of chamber testing. Climatic Chamber testing is a broad category of ways to simulate climate or excessive ambient conditions exposure for a product or a material under laboratory-controlled yet accelerated conditions. On the other hand, Thermal Shock testing is used to simulate how materials will react when exposed to changes in extreme climatic conditions, such as going from extremely cold to extremely hot conditions in a very short period of time (usually only few seconds).

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  • air-pollution

    Air Pollution

  • water


  • waste-management

    Waste Management

  • cleaning-housekeeping

    Cleaning & Housekeeping

  • renewable-energy

    Renewable Energy

  • river-cleaning

    River Cleaning

  • biomass


  • noise-vibration

    Noise & Vibration

  • wastewater


  • recycling


  • other


  • common-equipment

    Common Equipment

  • environment-health-safety

    Environment, Health & Safety

  • meteorology


  • farm-equipment

    Farm Equipment

  • chemicals


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