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  • ess-truck-mounted-road-sweeping-machines
  • ess-truck-mounted-road-sweeping-machines
  • ess-truck-mounted-road-sweeping-machines
  • ess-truck-mounted-road-sweeping-machines

Truck Mounted Road Sweeping Machines

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The Truck Mounted Road Sweeping Machine is a Heavy Duty Equipments having a container Volume of 6500 Ltrs. The Machines is provided with a High capacity Volume Exhausted. Which is driven by an Axuliary Diesel Engine? Some of the salient features of this road cleaning machine are listed below:

The Sweeping System of One Central Brush, Two side Brushes and two section heads. The sweeping is carried out with the help of Central Brush and one of the side brushes. The orientation of the Centrals brush can be adjusted towards rights or lefts as per requirements depending upon the direction of the travel of the machine for cleaning the dirty on right or left side of the road as per requirements.

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