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  • ir-thermometer-1500-deg-c

Testo IR Thermometer, 1500 deg C

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  • Specifications
Measuring range

-50 to +1000 C


(0.5 C + 0.5 % of mv)


0.1 C


514 g


193 x 166 x 63 mm


-/housing material ABS + PC / ABS + PC

Battery type

3 batteries type AA (or USB operating with PC-Software)

Battery lifetypical 25°C without backlight)

25 h (typical 25C without laser and backlight) 10 h (

  • The testo 835-T2 high temperature infrared thermometer comes with an easy-to-follow menu, self-explanatory icons and a user-friendly joystick. Your infrared thermometer can be used to create different measuring sites or save up to 200 readings while additional features including min/max values, adjustable thresholds and visual and acoustic alarms which are triggered when thresholds have been exceeded make work more efficient and life easier. The free-to-download EasyClimate software provides you with a quick and convenient means of analyzing your measuring data.
Product Description
  • Extended temperature range for reliable measurements up to 1500 °C

  • IR measurements from a safe distance; precise measuring of moving objects

  • Memory for up to 200 readings; easy analysis with free-to-download software

  • 4-point-laser and 50:1 optics for precise measurements over greater distances

The testo 835 T2 high temperature infrared thermometer, your ideal companion for measurements where your infrared thermometers have given up. The testo 835 T2 allows you to measure temperatures up to 1500 °C and moving objects safely and reliably.

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