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  • kerro-digital-weighing-balance-2kg-0-1gm-bl-p1d-series

Kerro Digital Weighing Balance 2KG/0.1GM (BL-P1D Series)

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  • P1D/20001 is the most hot-selling model for the KERRO® laboratory series. With a maximum capacity of 2kg and accuracy of 0.1gm, it has become the perfect choice for economical high precision. The bright backlight LCD display helps make the numbers easy to read. The balance has a large weighing platform of 145mm. It can be used with an optional stainless steel platform also. Its White Improved Design stands out to be the best for precious weighing on the go for all kinds of items or objects such as food, tablets, gemstones, coins, jewelry, gold, silver, etc. Hence being used in various places like Office, Classroom, Laboratory, Jewelry and much more
Product Description

The KERRO® P1D series provides basic weighing functionality and competitive performance at an economical price. Features such as a slim, stackable design, and an enlarged weighing platform, make the P1D series perfect for a variety of portable weighing applications

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