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  • megamech-oil-skimmer-for-etp-stp-centralized-coolant-tank-application

Megamech Oil skimmer for ETP, STP, Centralized coolant tank application

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  • s used to filter and remove oil, debris, and other unwanted materials from water, solvents, cleaning solutions
  • Belt skimmers run through a contaminated liquid continuously, using a belt to pick up the oil. The oil is then removed from the belt, often with a wiper
  • 3 Difference Compartments are available for oil removing
  • Protect to all surface area with Powder Coated
  • Easy to Handle, Maintain & Clean
  • Excellent Durability
  • Non-Corrosive
  • High Efficiency
  • Compact Design
  • Robustness
Product Description

Oil skimmers are pieces of equipment that remove oil floating on the surface of a unwanted fluid. In general, oil skimmers work because they are made of materials to which oil is more likely to stick than the fluid it is floating on. At the same time, the fluid has very little attraction to oil skimmers.

Oil skimmers are usually all that is necessary to remove oil from a liquid. In some cases, however, oil skimmers may be used to pre-treat a fluid. In this case, the oil skimmers remove as much of the oil as possible before more expensive and time-consuming measures are employed. Pre-treating the fluid with oil skimmers reduces the overall cost of cleaning the liquid.

There are two basic types of oil skimmers. One type is used to filter and remove oil, debris, and unwanted materials. The other type is used to recover or capture oil in a usable state. Typically, this second type of skimmer is used to clean up oil spills in factories, refineries, and bodies of Water. Applications for oil skimmers include in-plant pumps, tanks, and coolant systems as well as outdoor cooling and settling ponds. When selecting oil skimmers, important specifications to consider include capacity, removal or recovery rate, and total flow. When capacity is measured in gallons, flow is measured in gallons per minute and the removal or recovery rate is expressed in gallons per hour There are several different types of oil skimmers, though all designs depend on the laws of gravity and on surface tension in order to function.

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