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  • modicare-cuckoo-air-purifier
  • modicare-cuckoo-air-purifier
  • modicare-cuckoo-air-purifier
  • modicare-cuckoo-air-purifier
  • modicare-cuckoo-air-purifier
  • modicare-cuckoo-air-purifier

Modicare Cuckoo Air Purifier

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  • Specifications
Filter Change Indicator

Alerts when filter neE!ds. to be changed one filter lasts 3000 hours (upto 2 ye,;us)'


Easy 10 carry and move with bulltln handle

Coverage Area

Suitable for spaces upto SSO sq.fL

Easy to Change F ilter

Remove baek cover and change 3.fn.1 ftlter

Fan Speed

The,e a,e 3 fan speed options one can choose from - High, Mode(ate & sleep

Auto Mode

Automatically ad1usts the fa 1'1 speed according to an quahty


conuol the am.ume of the machine by setLJng the tlmer to 2 hows. 4 hou(s or 8 hours

  • Our CADR ot Clean Au Dellve,y Rate, with 329.23 m-3/hr., ls exlfemely efficient and effective at removing pollutants like pollen, .smoke and from the indoors faster
  • lntuitlv e Control Panel Set lhe mach,ne at va,,ous modes hke Auto Mode, Sleep Mode and Child LOek Mode. You can a set the t1mel' (2hr?? 4hrs and 8 hrs) and control the fan speed of Moctkare Cuckoo Air Purlner
  • Indicates real time a ir quality wi th 3-coloUr(>d LED lighung, {Blue- Best Air Quahty, Yellow-Normal Air Quality, R(>d - Poor Air Quahty??
Product Description

Indoor air pollution Is the degradation of indoor a11 quality by harmful chemicals and other materials. It can be up-to 10 times worse than outdoor a11 pollution. This is because contained areas enable potential pollutants to build up more than open spaces. Statistics suggest that 1n developing countries, health impacts of Indoor air pollution fa1 outweigh those of outdoor air pollution.

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