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Poldi Hardness Tester

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  • Specifications
Measuring Range


Scale graduation

0.1 mm



Accuracy of measurement

0.1 mm

  • Comparison tables for finding hardness Separate Tables for Steel, Cast iron, Brass Copper and Aluminum.
  • The hammer type Poldi Hardness Tester is suitable for measuring the Brinell Hardness of Steel, Cast iron, Brass Aluminum, Copper etc. This PoldiHardness Tester is useful to test parts where bench type model is not useful. This type of machine is most ideal and simple for foundries, Workshops, Engineering Colleges, Technical institutions etc.
Product Description

POLDI hardness tester, as well as Brinell hardness tester, may be used for all forgeable iron and steel types with the exception of austenitic steels, e. g. steel with 25 % Ni, steel with 14 % Mn, corrosion-resistant Cr – Ni steel, non-magnetic steel, etc. Each calibrated steel piece can be used for about 40 tests Load is applied by a hammer blow on the specimen and a standard test bar in linear direction through a hardened steel ball of 10 mm dia. The impact load on both is the same. The extent of indentation on the specimen and the test bar depends on their hardness. The two diameters of indentations on test bar and specimen are measured by a magnifier supplied along with the tester. The hardness of the specimen can be determined, by referring got the chart supplied with the machine.

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