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A laboratory adapter is a device used to connect different types of laboratory glassware together. It can be made of glass, plastic, or metal, and may have various shapes and sizes depending on the specific application.

Some common types of laboratory adapters include:

Straight adapters - used to connect two pieces of glassware that have the same size and joint type.

Reducing adapters - used to connect glassware with different sizes or joint types, with one end fitting a larger joint and the other end fitting a smaller joint.

Expansion adapters - used to expand the size of a glass joint or to connect glassware with different joint types.

Multiple adapters - used to connect three or more pieces of glassware together, often in a complex experimental setup.

Adapters can also be designed with specific features to enable different types of laboratory operations. For example, some adapters may have valves or stopcocks to control the flow of gases or liquids, while others may have vacuum or pressure connections for use with a vacuum pump or pressure source.

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