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Bio toilets, also known as "green toilets," are a type of toilet that uses bacteria to break down human waste and convert it into a harmless, odorless substance. These toilets are particularly useful in areas where traditional sanitation infrastructure is lacking, such as in rural or remote regions, or in trains or other vehicles.

Bio toilets have gained significant popularity in India, particularly for use on Indian railways. The Indian Railways, which is one of the world's largest railway networks, has been working towards making its trains more environmentally friendly by adopting bio toilets. The use of bio toilets has helped to reduce the amount of untreated human waste that is discharged onto the tracks, which in turn helps to prevent pollution of water sources and the spread of diseases.

A bio toilet for Indian railways typically consists of a tank that is installed underneath the train, which collects the waste. The waste is then treated with bacteria and other chemicals, which help to break it down and convert it into a harmless substance. The treated waste can then be safely discharged onto the tracks, without causing any harm to the environment or people.

There are many different types of bio toilets available for use on Indian railways, ranging from basic models that use only bacteria to more advanced models that incorporate additional treatment technologies. Some bio toilets also have features such as automatic flushing systems, self-cleaning mechanisms, and odor control systems, which help to improve the overall user experience.

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