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Calibrators are laboratory equipment used to adjust or measure the accuracy of other equipment or instruments. They are used to ensure that the instruments being used in a laboratory or industrial setting are giving accurate and reliable results. Calibrators are available for a variety of instruments, including pressure gauges, temperature sensors, pH meters, flow meters, and more.

Calibrators can be categorized into two main types: manual and automatic. Manual calibrators require manual adjustments to be made to the equipment or instrument being calibrated, while automatic calibrators can perform calibrations automatically with little to no user input.

Some common types of calibrators include:

Pressure calibrators - used to measure and adjust the accuracy of pressure gauges and sensors.

Temperature calibrators - used to calibrate temperature sensors and thermometers.

Multifunction calibrators - used to calibrate a variety of instruments and devices, including pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and more.

Electrical calibrators - used to calibrate electrical devices, including current and voltage meters.

Calibrators are important in ensuring that laboratory and industrial equipment are operating accurately and efficiently. They can help to improve the quality of measurements, increase productivity, and reduce the risk of errors and accidents.

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