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CHNS Analyzer

CHNS analyzer is a laboratory equipment that is used for the determination of the amount of Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Sulfur in a sample. This analytical technique is commonly used in the fields of environmental science, pharmaceuticals, food science, and material science.

The CHNS analyzer uses high-temperature combustion and/or pyrolysis to convert the organic compounds in a sample to elemental form, followed by detection and measurement of the elemental components. The equipment is typically equipped with a thermal conductivity detector or a flame ionization detector to detect the elements, and the results can be presented in various forms, such as percentage or concentration.

CHNS analyzers are used in a wide range of applications, including the analysis of soil, water, plant material, food, and industrial chemicals. They are also used for the analysis of polymers, proteins, and other complex organic compounds. CHNS analyzers are valuable tools in environmental monitoring and research, quality control, and product development.

Overall, CHNS analyzers are important laboratory instruments that offer reliable and accurate analysis of the elemental components in a wide range of samples. They are widely used in various industries and scientific fields and continue to be an essential tool in analytical chemistry.

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