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Dew Point Analyzer

Dew Point Analyzer is a laboratory equipment that is used to measure the dew point temperature of a gas. The dew point is the temperature at which the moisture present in the gas will start to condense. The analyzer works by passing a sample gas through a cooled mirror surface. The temperature at which the moisture present in the gas starts to condense on the mirror surface is measured using a detector. The temperature measured by the detector is the dew point temperature of the gas.

Dew Point Analyzer is widely used in industries such as petrochemicals, natural gas, pharmaceuticals, and food processing. It is used to determine the moisture content in the gas, which can affect the quality and performance of the end product. Dew point analysis is essential in the production and processing of dry gases like nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen.

The Dew Point Analyzer comes in various types, including portable and benchtop models. Portable models are used for on-site analysis and are suitable for field measurements. Benchtop models are used in the laboratory for accurate and precise measurements. Some models are equipped with advanced features like data logging, automatic temperature compensation, and automatic calibration. The Dew Point Analyzer is an essential tool for anyone working with gases and requires precise and accurate measurements of moisture content.

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