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Diffusers are devices used in various applications to distribute a substance in a controlled manner. In the context of control devices, diffusers are commonly used in water treatment systems, particularly in aeration tanks, where they facilitate the diffusion of air into the water for the purposes of oxygenation, mixing, and other related processes.

Diffusers for water treatment systems come in various forms, including fine bubble diffusers, coarse bubble diffusers, and membrane diffusers. Fine bubble diffusers produce small bubbles that provide efficient oxygen transfer and mixing, while coarse bubble diffusers produce larger bubbles that are suitable for mixing and agitation in industrial applications. Membrane diffusers are a more recent development that uses a porous membrane to produce a uniform distribution of very fine bubbles.

Diffusers can also be used in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems to distribute air more evenly in a room or building, as well as in aromatherapy and other related applications to disperse scents or essential oils. The design of diffusers can vary depending on the specific application, but they are generally designed to achieve a uniform and controlled distribution of the substance being diffused.

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