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Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter is an electronic device used to measure voltage, current, and resistance. It is a versatile tool used in various applications like electronics, automotive, electrical testing, and troubleshooting. The digital multimeter can be used to measure both AC and DC voltage, current, and resistance accurately.

A digital multimeter consists of a display, a dial, input jacks, and a selector switch. The selector switch is used to select the desired range and function of the multimeter. The input jacks are used to connect the test leads to the circuit being measured. The display shows the measured value of the selected range and function.

Digital multimeters are available in various models and types, each designed for specific applications. Some of the common types include handheld, benchtop, and clamp meter multimeters. Handheld multimeters are compact, portable, and suitable for field applications. Benchtop multimeters are larger and suitable for laboratory applications. Clamp meter multimeters are used to measure the current in a wire without disconnecting it from the circuit.

Digital multimeters are easy to use and provide accurate measurements. They are an essential tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts for electrical testing and troubleshooting.

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