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DO Meter

A DO meter is laboratory equipment used to measure the dissolved oxygen content in water or other liquids. It is essential in monitoring the dissolved oxygen levels in the water, especially in aquariums, aquaculture, wastewater treatment plants, and other water treatment applications.

The DO meter typically consists of a probe that is inserted into the liquid to be measured. The probe has two electrodes that measure the oxygen content in the liquid. One electrode measures the amount of oxygen that is consumed by a reaction on the surface of the electrode, while the other electrode measures the amount of oxygen that is present in the liquid. The difference between the two readings is used to calculate the dissolved oxygen content.

DO meters are available in both portable and benchtop models. Portable DO meters are small, battery-powered devices that can be used in the field or in remote locations. Benchtop DO meters are larger and more complex and are typically used in laboratory settings.

DO meters are essential for many applications where the oxygen content in water needs to be monitored, including aquaculture, environmental monitoring, and wastewater treatment. They are also used in the food and beverage industry to measure the oxygen content in beverages such as beer and wine.

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