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Domestic Water Softeners

Domestic Water Softeners are a type of water purifier that removes hard water minerals such as calcium and magnesium ions from the water to provide soft and clean water. These water softeners are typically used in households to improve the quality of water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning purposes.

Domestic Water Softeners work by using ion exchange resin beads that attract and remove hard water minerals from the water. The resin beads are recharged periodically with a brine solution that removes the accumulated minerals, and the soft water is then available for use.

There are various types of Domestic Water Softeners available in the market, including salt-based water softeners, salt-free water softeners, and magnetic water softeners. Salt-based water softeners use salt to regenerate the resin beads and remove the hard water minerals. Salt-free water softeners use a physical process to change the structure of hard water minerals and prevent them from forming scales. Magnetic water softeners use magnets to alter the physical structure of the minerals, making them less likely to stick to surfaces and form scales.

Domestic Water Softeners are an effective way to improve the quality of water in households and provide a range of benefits, such as improved taste and odor of water, reduced scaling on appliances, and softer and cleaner clothes.

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